The Charleston Christian SchoolShepherding Hearts, Sharpening Minds

Think. Wonder. Reflect.
Throughout the course of the day, students discover God's Word and His world. Teachers encourage students to think critically and examine ideas in literature, science, and culture. Is it noble? Is it beautiful? Is it true? As students ponder these questions, our teachers point them to the Creator.

The Charleston Christian School presents a curriculum rooted in fundamental principles.

Teacher Expertise
Our experienced teachers provide a living curriculum. A textbook or particular educational method cannot replace a gifted, dedicated teacher serving as a mentor, sharing about life from personal experience. Our teachers are specialist in their fields, sharing the insight they've accumulated over the years

Biblical Integration
We have the freedom to integrate God's Word into our curriculum. The CCS community worships together during weekly chapel meetings and students take Bible class daily. More than that, students are asked to examine all subjects in light of Scripture.

Excellent Curriculum
At CCS, we believe all truth comes from God. This belief frees us to choose the best curriculum available. Our Curriculum Committee reviews the curriculum annually, ensuring that our curriculum surpasses state standards and fully prepares students to succeed in high school and future endeavors.