The Charleston Christian SchoolShepherding Hearts, Sharpening Minds


Quality Academics
First and foremost, we are a school. Our curriculum includes textbooks and novels from a variety of sources. We don't limit ourselves to strictly Christian resources, as we believe that our teachers help students examine all things in light of Scripture. Award-winning books in our curriculum include The Giver, Crispin: The Cross of Lead, and Charlotte's Web. Periodically, the CCS Curriculum Committee evaluates the curriculum to ensure that our standards surpass local and national standards.

CCS is accredited by the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS).

Biblical Worldview
We believe that God is the author of all that is true. Of course, that means that we teach His Word. Students take Bible classes and attend chapel. It also means that we get excited about lizards, and language, and linear equations --- they're God's creation, too!

Nurturing Teachers
Many of our experienced teachers hold advanced degrees and have been at CCS for 10 years or more. They stay at CCS because they view teaching as a calling. Of course, they teach multiplication tables, but they do more than that --- they serve as mentors, they guide children, they point students to the right path. Since we partner with Christian parents, your children will hear the same message at school as they do at home. At CCS, your child will be loved and prayed for by their teacher over the course of the day.

Servant Leadership
As a 4K-8 school, older students have the opportunity to grow as leaders and take opportunities to serve the younger students. Seventh and eighth graders speak in chapel and lead music. Fifth and sixth graders help Kindergarteners during lunch time. Your younger child will benefit from having a "big kid" friend, and your older child will learn what it means to be a servant leader.

Christian Community
We exist to serve Christian families. In order to foster a community of like-minded people and an environment where similar values are celebrated, we require a statement of faith from one parent and a pastor recommendation.

Find Us

We are located in the West Ashley area of Charleston, SC. Many of our families reside in West Ashley, Hollywood, or Ravenel. The school is located on the property of Grace on the Ashley at the back end of the church. Our address is 2014 Bees Ferry Road, Charleston SC 29414.

CCS is a ministry of Church Creek Presbyterian Church.